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Tuzzo's recomendation
Welcome to Latin-land. Here you will find resources for your project, and several other 'cool' sites. Enjoy :)

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Here, we have a few Latin-English Dictionaries



These are good word-of-the-day sites.

Merriam-Webster WOTD

Dictionary.com's word of the day.

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Another good word of the day site.

Here we have information on roman inscriptions.


Ever wonder what the weather would look like in Latin?

Or perhaps you have an interest in Latin Poetry.

Try this link to look at an interactive map of the Roman Empire!


The Harry Potter books were written with many Latin references. To start off, here are some vocabulary words you may need to know. The following section has code from http://www.pyrrha.demon.co.uk, but is not being used for commercial use and credit is given, so it does not offend the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of 1988, of which this code is protected under.


accio - I summon, call to me
arduus - steep, high
arma - weapons, armour
augeo - I increase
dens - a tooth
dormio - I sleep (dormiens is a present participle : sleeping)
draco - a snake or dragon
ex - out of, from
expello - I send away
expectoro - I send out from my chest / heart (pectus means chest or heart)
exspecto - I wait for / expect / need
Hermes - the (Greek) name of the Messenger god. (His Roman name is Mercury).
imperium - power, area of supreme authority
impero - I order or command
incendium - a fire
incendo - I kindle, set alight
levo - I make light. (levitas = lightness)
lumen - light
ludo - I play
Minerva - the Roman goddess of Wisdom
nox - night, darkness
nunquam (or numquam) - never
patronus - a protector or sponsor
Sirius - the Roman name for the star known as the Dog-star
titillo - I tease / tickle (titillandus is a gerundive : should be teased / tickled)